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Founded in 1993, Triada Studio is an award-winning animation, motion design and visual effects studio with a strong team of talented directors, CG supervisors, concept artists, animators, and 3D generalists.

From the basic idea through storyboards, style frames and creative solutions to final delivery, we execute short and long term projects:

•  TV commercials

•  Broadcast design

•  Main titles sequence design 

•  VFX for feature films

•  Architectural and industrial visualizations

•  Jewelry visualization

•  Product presentations

Our unique combination of creative capabilities, technical knowledge, and experience helps to produce work that can exceed any expectations.

Along with creative services, Triada Studio works in game development. In 2015 we successfully launched SHADOWMATIC, a 3D realistic puzzle game for iOS and Android platforms. Shadowmatic has won numerous awards, including Apple Design Award.